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September 2020 A COW and a BIRD! Radio 4 PICK OF

Just over a year ago, I was teaching 14 to 19 year olds in Kimilili, N. W. Kenya.....! Thanks to the charity C.H.E.C.K. and Geraint Jenkins. Poems written on the trip sent off...! Title? RED DUST RISING! Now entering into the publishing world finger's crossed! Now nearly grandson's 20th birthday present, the cow, Mrembo May is in calf !! Whoohoo! AND THE BIG NEW WAS>>>>>TATAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Gabriel Lucas Green's debut on Radio 4 in New Story Tellers August 11th 13.45 Palores-The Bird of Cornwall My poem and interview were chosen as Pick of the Week!! Thank you Gabriel and Martha Dixon ...for VERY skilfull editing! Tears flowed! and it shows....! Fi Read organised a Women's Aid Cabaret at The Acorn...Angie showed Martha Dixon's films of the KENYA trip. A great night..thanks to the donation to THE MERRYN HOME) In Kimilili....N.W. KENYA I met my sponsored boy Griffin's grandma. He started life in the Merryn Home. Now at 20 he has completed his first term on a Laser Optics course at The University of Nairobi. Congratulations..For his birthday, I had given him money to put towards a cow so his grandmother can continue to support him and her, as Kenya goes through this crisis. MREMBO MAY ..Treasured animal was bought on May 1st! Griffin sent beautiful photos of his grandma and the cow!! We hosted Bridget Holding to stay for 2 nights for The Lit Fest. last year. where I was sharing my poetry with Diana Dixon and friends in the Coach house in Penlee Park. Sadly no Lit Fest this year! Also welcomed in The Merryn Home accomodation for favourite artist PAT SCOTT Poetry Space has published the important collection A SCREAM OF MANY COLOURS...with a hopeful poem of Angie's near the back. Two of Angie's poems in the top 4 winners of Exmoor's Dark Skies poetry Competition and another recently appeared in booklet of competition entries about the local DING DONG mine. THE JUBILEE POOL, Then, Now, To Come.... A whole range of pool lovers, historians and interested people meeting once a month to find out more..such a great project. All due to Barbara Santi and her team at Awen and Jane Bailey and Lou Brett. JUBILEE POOL a first in Britain as the THERMAL hot water section opens! come try! Looking back ...The 'In the Swim' poetry entries were on display in St. Mary's Church. Thank you to all at the church for such great support. Thanks to The Carers Group,PZ.a group in COVERACK and THE OVER 50's FORUM. for recommending me...They heard about The JUBILEE POOL and my lovely LAND ARMY GIRLS. 'CoastLines' art and poetry in hand made books, with writer STEPH HAXTON and Artist SUE LEWINGTON. 12 writers and artists for 12 coastal months. An exhibition in Morrab Library...The 'book' project now in its THIRD year with another set of amazing artists and writers. The Sandy Gusset Project - Linking listed Lidos across Britain- knitters support Lidos around Britain ...particularly the 1935 Jubilee Pool in Penzance. THE LIDO CONFERENCE this year was in Cheltenham in Septmber. 'Be a Write Pirate'..and 'Poetry for the Pool' both brought worthy winners. Thanks to judges Tanya Gold and Gray Lightfoot. Sponsored flags for daughter MERRYN on Penzance prom, one year... BODELVA. performed at THE EDEN PROJECT by THE BOURNMOUTH SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA 21 schools, 600 children playing and Angie, the narrator.. BODELVA also featured at The Five Islands school on the Scillies and BOSVIGO in Truro. PENRYN COLLEGE at TREBAH GARDENS hearing about TREBAH the giant. LUDGVAN School raised 1500 at their Sports Relief event and Heamoor School 400 for the Jubilee Pool. their reward ...a chat from Prince Charles! epic! Stories by Sarah Chapman and Lisa Jones of 'Storyworks'. LIZZIE BLACK and Angie made an ANIMATION film about the pool with ALVERTON gifted pupils. Lizzie's cards are wowing everyone. Hayle Heritage History Project : The story of KING TEUDAR, the lost king of Riviere. Welcome back King Teudar!!
POETRY SPACE and The Tangerine Cafe ..

The Tangerine Cafe in Beaminster near Bridport, Dorset, home of Susan Sims, founder of Poetry Space, call in when all this is over! Still a best seller The ART CARD PACK for schools 28 cards for 8.95 inc p&p from and see See it on as well. In 2011 We took the Guinness record for PIRATES from Hastings, 8734 pirates raised 7583.96 for 3 charities. In 2014, 77 short of the 1400 plus pirates needed. Just saying! DIGGING FOR MEMORIES The LAND GIRLS of Cornwall, on its 3nd. imprint, Cheques for 15.00 inc p+p. to A. Butler,9 Marine Terrace, Penzance, Cnwll, TR18 4DL .
JUBILEE POOL: 85 years old on May Bank Holiday NO

No big opening for the season this year or celebratio for the 85th..!The drill for the Hot Rocks Project is a success! Hot water section on track to open later this summer.. we hope! Check out the awen website and for fabulous memories and photos AND TO BOOK YOUR HOT POOL TICKET! Acclaimed film maker, MARTHA DIXON, followed Bournmouth Symphony Orchestra and Bodelva's every move at THE EDEN PROJECT...6.50 for a copy. Martha is wth me and AWEN on the JUUMP IN archive memories community project for the pool. More success for her Babel Film company.
-Discovery map- -Colouring books

JEDNA HALL, an artist picked for Pop Up's new PAINT PENZANCE initiative and working with The Egyptian House and PURE NUFF STUFF! The Discovery Map of Penzance! .... A schools' pack conceived by Angie and written by Janet Gallie takes you on a guided tour around Penzance. Or in the future go with Anna..www.tourguidepenzance. she knows everything there is to know .... French and English 'Giant' books for schools, a gift for the Penzance- Brittanny twinning ..when they're able to come! And schools loving them for their 'Lockdown' children. Such a great distraction.
Tremeneer Sculpture Gardens.

Ben Barrell's pebble sculptures in Newlyn Art Gallery garden in Merryn's Memory. Arts Council recognition! And in Tremeneer Sculpture Garden! Soon to be on the Penzance Promenade. Look out for Sheila Williams, my fabulous potter freind, who has just installed her sculture there too. What talent! The 'FIRST' Eatsome Project went to EDEN! St. HILARY C.P. and St. MARY'S Penzance, Angie made 2 books about eating, growing and being healthy. Illustrator ALEX HIGLETT from Pirrip Press.